Our Story

Thank you for visiting our website and getting a glimpse of our now beautiful venue.  We are Bryan and Myranda Baldwin and our three beautiful children, Parker, Paige and Peyton.  We purchased The ICE House building in August 2018 with the vision of creating a beautiful venue for people from all over to enjoy.  Many people thought we were crazy and well, they are probably correct.  This beautiful building was constructed over 100 years ago, using large stone and brick, and has been utilized for many things throughout the years.  Firstly, an ICE manufacturing plant, which provided a valued utility to our community and the surrounding communities, until 1968 when it was sold and operated as several construction companies, and a lumber yard.  When we purchased this building it was in great need of love and care.  With the help of family and friends, and a huge vision, we did our best to restore this building to its original beautiful state, while updating it to be useful for the needs of the current time and age.  We hope you love The ICE House as much as we do!!  Come check us out.  You won't be disappointed.